A pole of companies able to manage the entire optoelectronic component and system design, production and assembly chain.

The Q-Tech Group is a pole of companies strategically pooled together to directly manage the entire optoelectronic component and system design, production and assembly chain with very high quality standards. Several companies are connected with the group, including the lead structure Q-Tech Srl, specialised in the design of optoelectronic systems; Coimtech Srl, an excellence in the production of extremely precise mechanical and optomechanical parts; and Q-Service Srl, specialised in the assembly and testing of complete systems. The ongoing collaboration and synergy between the different expertises of the Group companies is the pride of Q-Tech, because thanks to the continuous integration of experience and complementary specialisations it is able to design, build and deliver products to the market of superior quality, products boasting a large amount of versatility, possibility of personalisation and solid construction.


Specialised in consultancy and design of optoelectronic systems for over 20 years, Q-Tech Srl is a dynamic and flexible company with a bent for innovation and ongoing Research and Development of efficient, effective, easy to use and advanced solutions. The company’s mission consists of coming up with unique and top performing proposals for the industrial segment that are able to successfully meet a large variety of needs of the modern market with steady reliability. From industrial to food production, Q-Tech Srl designs and develops optoelectronic systems used for the difficult quality control tasks directly in line.


Coimtech Srl is the Q-Tech Group company specialised in extreme precision machining. Since 1981, the company has been making original and complex mechanical parts for the most stringent application sectors, including: Energy, Automotive, Textile Machinery and Sport Weapons. Experience, versatility, technology and certified quality make Coimtech Srl the absolute point of reference for making extremely precise optomechanical components essential for the Group’s business, and it is the ideal partner for all those customers that demand the highest levels of precision and reliability in building their mechanical components.


Q-Service is the Group company specialised in the assembly and testing of complete optoelectronic systems. With a production area spanning more that 1200 sq.m and advanced technological equipment specific for the assembly and testing of optoelectronic devices, Q-Service is the ideal partner for all the delicate activities of assembling and testing complete optoelectronic systems and measurement devices.


The reference for superior optoelectronic systems_

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Building optoelectronic systems demands specific skills for the production of extremely accurate optomechanical components and for the precise alignment of even very highly complex optical assemblies. Thanks to the different companies forming it, the Q-Tech Group can rely on an enormous experience in mechanical precision production, and it is able to design and build in-house the delicate measurement benches necessary for assembling and testing all the optoelectronic components of the systems.l The synergy between different specialised and qualified companies is also the determining factor that allows the Q-Tech Group to build systems and achieve solutions that are totally customised based on the customer’s specific requirements. In this way, it supplies not only top performing and reliable products, but veritable customised systems complete with functions upon request and sized based on their actual use. The complexity, precision and technological evolution of the Q-Tech optoelectronic systems guarantee outstanding versatility to all the system families made, and make our solutions excellent tools for controlling quality in line and for the predictive maintenance of the systems.