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Optical surface control, Q-Tech, Italy

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    Geometric dimensional control systems for industrial semimachined products.

    The Q-shape GDM family includes optical dimensional control systems specifically designed and built by Q-Tech for the geometric dimensional control of semimachined products using laser profilometry techniques. Thanks to special data processing and analysis algorithms, it is possible to measure the entire profile of the material, at 360°, in real time and compare it against the defined nominal section in a special mechanical drawing of reference. Specific nominal values and their acceptance tolerances can be user-defined based on one’s requirements for every single production item, in this way contributing to the definition of a specific control program for that certain production item. The control programs defined in this manner can afterwards be applied in real time to every single geometric profile acquired by the system, so complete control of the entire production is guaranteed. The measurement information collected this way can be used to guarantee traceability of the quality of each production lot at the level of every single item produced, and also to allow the machinery of the production line to be more precisely regulated to meet the supply standards of every single item while optimising use of the raw material.

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    The multiple wavelength laser measurement technique used in the optical dimensional control systems, developed in-house by Q-Tech for the Q-shape systems, allows measurements extremely insensitive to any vibrations of the material during transit inside the measurement area to be taken, making the system sturdy and perfectly reliable even in plants characterised by extremely heavy operating conditions. Thanks to the use of sensors with an extremely high dynamic range, the GDF systems guarantee a reliable acquisition of also semimachined products having very different surface finishes. In this way, precise and certain measurements are also obtained of dark materials with high surface texture and, on the contrary, of shiny and extremely reflecting materials. The Measurement Stations of the Q-shape GDF dimensional control systems are equipped with a thermal measurement compensation system based on the ambient temperature so as to guarantee constancy of the measurement characteristics as the ambient operating conditions change. In order for the Q-shape items to also be used in hot working plants, the Measurement Stations are equipped with specific liquid cooling systems that ensure their perfect operation up to +800°C. Lastly, the calibration system checks the proper calibration of the measurement system at periodic intervals and, if necessary, compensates any measurement drifts caused by mid-term drift phenomena.