Q-shape VDF

Optical defect control_

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Optical surface control, Q-Tech, Italy

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    Systems for optical inspection of surface defects of industrial semimachined products.

    Q-Tech has also developed a special family of optical defect control tools within the Q-shape family of non-destructive testing (NDT) quality control systems for the industrial production of metal and non-metal semimachined products in bar, skein, pipe or complex profile format. VDF is the Q-shape range of systems that comprises models for the optical inspection of defects and microscopic surface defects of industrial semimachined products. Unlike the models of the other Q-shape macro families that use laser profilometry, the VDF systems operate with optical inspection techniques. In this case, the optical surface defect control utilises special data processing and analysis algorithms that detect any presence of microscopic defects, such as stains of colour, cracks and scoring on the surface of materials. The Q-shape VDF systems are able to check for the presence of defects already during production so as to allow the compliant material to be separated from the defective material. The Q-shape VDF systems must be optimised based on the type of defect to be detected and the geometric shape of the section of the bar being produced.

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    Our engineers are always at your complete disposal for this, for assessing the specific requirements of every customer and for providing professional tailor-made advice to identify the functions best suited to every situation and to best customise the required performance. Furthermore, all the systems can be easily integrated with the modern network infrastructure in order to fully exploit the benefits of the most recent Internet of Things functions, such as production control, diagnostics, remote support and predictive maintenance. Like the entire Q-shape series, also the VDF optical surface defect control systems are totally designed, built and assembled by the Q-Tech group, thus guaranteeing ultimate technical and technological expertise, standards of quality and customer service. With more than 20 years of experience in the industrial optical measurement sector and constant attention paid to Research & Development, the Q-Tech group today is synonymous with maximum efficiency and is a leader in the design and production of optoelectronic systems in step with the increasingly complex and stringent demands of the modern market.