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The Q-Tech Q-shape series of optical quality control systems comprises different families of products designed and built specifically for non-destructive testing (NDT) dedicated to the sector of industrial production of metal and non-metal semimachined products in bar, skein, pipe or complex profile format.
The Q-shape series of optical quality control systems includes three macro-systems. Each system is made up of a specific Measurement Station containing the sensors necessary to acquire parameters of interest, and a Control Station containing the equipment for data processing and for interfacing with the external systems.
Depending on the type of primary quality control required, the Measurement Stations can be fitted with different measurement sensors and technologies. Specifically, it is possible to distinguish the following macro-families of optical quality control systems:
Q-shape GDF. Laser profilometry systems for controlling surface defects of products;
Q-shape GDM. Laser profilometry systems for controlling the dimensions of products;
Q-shape VDF. Optical inspection systems for checking for microscopic surface defects of products.
Some versions are also able to integrate up to two types of control inside the same system by joining, for example, the ability to perform a control of the surface defects of an item with the possibility to perform a complete dimensional control of it.

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Features of the optical quality control systems_

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Thanks to the extremely compact size of the Measurement Stations of our Q-shape optical quality control systems, they can be easily installed and integrated on board the line in most conventional production plants, such as drawing, extrusion or rolling, without having to reposition production machinery. The Control Station of the three optical quality control systems of the Q-shape series can be placed on the side of the line with total freedom of positioning as regards the relevant Measurement Station, in this way allowing reciprocal distances of over 100 metres to be easily managed. In view of the extreme calculation power of the Control Stations, measurement systems can be adopted directly on board the line for complete 100% inspection of the material produced and quality selection of the material directly during production.