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Design of optical inspection systems_

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Established in 2002, Q-Tech Srl is the lead company of the Q-Tech Group. It is an innovative company specialised in the optical and optoelectronic sector, and its objective is to design optical inspection systems for the industrial segment. With over 20 years of experience in designing and developing high performing and flexible optoelectronic solutions, Q-Tech Srl today is recognised at the international level as one of the leading players in the sector. Its continuous investments in Research & Development activities have allowed the company to shape a wide range of versatile optical inspection systems able to meet a multitude of market requirements with total reliability. The optical inspection systems designed and developed by Q-Tech Srl are, in fact, used for many types of applications and include lines dedicated to straightness control, optical dimensional control, volumetric control and defect checking directly in the production line. Owing to the variety of functions available and the possibility to customise every project, Q-Tech Srl solutions are adopted in the industrial area in the production of metal and non-metal semimachined products, and in the food industry area, particularly for the production and packaging of cheeses, salami and cold pork meat, and vegetables.


Optical inspection systems for industry_

Experience and Know-how
Specialisation and innovation

Established in 2002 as a consulting firm for th optical and optoelectronic fields, Q-Tech Srl has been able to gain vast experience in the design of laser systems that over the years has allowed it to progressively develop highly innovative proprietary solutions for the real-time measurement and dimensional control of a large assortment of materials. The Q-Tech Srl business unit totally dedicated to the design of optical inspection systems for the industrial segment emerged from this specialisation and continuous attention paid to technical and technological innovations.

Customisation and synergies
Tailor-made solutions

All optical inspection systems Q-Tech Srl offers can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements, from the basic functions up to customised measurement areas, including customised measurement performance. The user interface of the system and all the reporting functions can also be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements, in this way making totally made-to-measure products in full observance of the real use and difficulties present.

Efficient production
In-line Control

The different ranges of Q-Tech Srl optical inspection systems are currently used in difficult dimensional control situations on production lines of steel cables, bars, pipes, beams, joists and metal profiles with random and complex cross-sections. They guarantee total traceability of the production process and a constant and reliable quality control of the entire production of the plant. The different systems, in fact, not only provide quality control directly in the production line, but are also able to identify any defects and/or problems in the plants at an early stage, in this way making production not only smoother and more precise, but also contributing to cutting time and costs of any maintenance work and plant shutdowns.

Optical inspection systems, Q-Tech, Italy
Optical inspection systems, Q-Tech, Italy
Optical inspection systems, Q-Tech, Italy
Optical inspection systems, Q-Tech, Italy
Optical inspection systems, Q-Tech, Italy
Optical inspection systems, Q-Tech, Italy

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    The entire production chain under control.

    Q-Tech Srl is controlled by the Q-Tech Group. It is a flexible and at the same time organised group able to directly manage every production process stage of the optical inspection systems. From design, construction, assembly and testing up to delivery to the customer and after-sales service, every activity is followed inside the group at the company headquarters located in Flero, near Brescia, Italy. The plant sits on a surface area of approximately 1800 sq.m, of which 1200 sq.m are given over to production and the specific assembly and testing laboratories, while about 600 sq.m are allocated to the design and administration offices.

    Highly specialised engineers.
    Years of experience.
    Countries served.
    sq.m available, occupied by offices, testing and production.



    Thanks to continuous investments in Research and Development activities and 20 years of experience in the field of optical measurement for industrial applications, we are able to supply optical inspection systems always on the cutting edge and in line with the increasingly stringent requirements of the market.


    Expertise, specialisation and synergies for optical inspection systems of superior quality.

    The Q-Tech Group has a staff of more than 30 employees, with a predominance of highly qualified personnel. The team that develops and designs optical inspection systems comprises mechanical engineers, optical and electronic designers, plus a specific team of software developers to ensure total control and smooth integration of the different components of our solutions.

    Important partnerships with primary leading companies of the industrial machinery production sector also allow customers in a context more and more addressed to the international market to be reached and served.