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The Q-line range of optical systems for metal and non-metal bar straightness control is designed, built and assembled by the Q-Tech group to Offer industries a reliable and effective solution for measuring in an extremely precise way, and directly in the production line, the straightness error of each bar produced by the plant. In this way it is possible to separate the compliant bars from the defective bars in real time, or select the production based on the desired level of quality. The Q-line line of optical bar straightness control systems is designed to meet a particularly wide ranging and increasingly pressing need of modern industry. Producers and users of semimachined products in bar format, both metal and non-metal, have always shown interest in bar straightness control, but precisely in recent years it has been playing a particularly strategic role. The very high machining speed offered by modern CNC machinery in fact requires that the incoming semimachined products have extremely moderate non-straightness errors. Only in this way is it possible to fully make use of the extremely high rotation speed that the machinery imposes on the bar (values of more than 10,0000 rpm) with the final aim of curbing machining time and the final cost of the items produced. Different measurement techniques can be used depending on the type of item produced and the desired level of accuracy. However, unlike most of the systems on the market, every Q-line system allows the straightness error to be examined on the entire longitudinal expanse of the bar, and not only near a limited number of reference points. This advanced function makes it possible to get extremely precise and detailed measurements of each bar and also to promptly diagnose many adjustment problems of the production plant.

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Features of the optical bar straightness control systems_

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To meet the strictest measurement requirements, sophisticated measurement techniques in the Q-line optical bar straightness control systems separate the component of bar flexure caused by its very own weight from the straightness measurement, making the measurement totally independent from bar bearing constraints and related only to the actual intrinsic error of straightness of the semimachined product. Q-line systems can operate with any type of material and regardless of the geometric shape of the bar’s section. Special models allow two bars side-by-side to be measured at the same time to achieve extremely high control rates. The systems are also able to determine an optional series of control parameters, such as actual bar length, the twist and/or its actual weight. The Q-line range of optical metal and non-metal bar straightness control systems was developed by an expert team of professionals of the sector specialised in optoelectronic solutions applied to modern industry. Ideal for use in drawing mills and in the extrusion field, Q-line systems contribute to quality, precision and optimisation of the production flow. Contact one of our experts for more information and to evaluate the functions best suited to your requirements.