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Optical bar quality control_

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Optical bar quality control, Q-Tech, Italy

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    Detection of the quality aspects of chamfering and surface finish.

    The Q-eye PRO system is the top of the range model of our series of in-line bar chamfering quality control systems in the field of industrial production of metal and non-metal semimachined products. In addition to the functions for checking the dimensional aspects already present in the STD version, Q-eye PRO is able to also perform the specific controls relating to checking the quality of the facing and several additional parameters pertaining to the surface finish of the head section of the bar. Easy installation, simple use and parameter programming, together with the utmost precision and reliability of the measurements make the Q-eye systems for optical bar quality control efficient and advanced technologies able to make the entire production cycle smoother, safer and better performing. Specifically, thanks to the total traceability of the quality of each bar, they perfectly meet the control, management and monitoring requirements of modern industry.

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    As far as the dimensional measurements are concerned, in addition to the measurements already included in the standard version, such as geometry of the chamfer, depth of the chamfer, chamfer angle and presence of a burr, the Q-eye PRO version for optical bar quality controls also checks:
    Decentralisation: allows the decentralisation of the chamfering with respect to the geometric axis of the bar to be checked. Although it is a parameter generally not specified in the standards, it has direct influence in the maximum depth the machining can achieve, and allows any errors of alignment between the chamfering head and the support mechanics of the bar to be promptly identified. The Q-eye PRO system detects this parameter and also indicates the angular direction of the decentralisation detected;
    Facing: this additional control allows the correct facing of the bar to be evaluated by assessing the typical surface scoring of the head section of the bar following proper chamfering. When the machining is correct, in fact, the head section appears shiny and well-defined, whereas within the facing, or following a partial machining, the head surfaces has an uneven finish dominated by scoring residues generated by the bar cutting process.