Q-volume R

Laser fixed weight cutting control_

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Laser fixed weight cutting control, Q-Tech, Italy

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    System for measuring targets revolving on rotary tables.

    The R system of the Q-Tech Q-volume range for production control in the food industry is an innovative technology specific for laser fixed weight cutting control, and it allows the material to be measured while revolving on rotary tables. Q-volume R consists of a central control unit equipped with a digital input specific for synchronising the acquisitions of the sensors with the angular position of the rotary table. The Q-volume R system is able to manage up to two distinct measurement sensors in order to acquire the complete geometry of products having even somewhat complex shapes. Depending on the desired measurement accuracy and the type of target material, it is advisable and possible to configure the system to combine measurements obtained by sensors with different angles of sight and different orientations as regards the product movement system in order to minimise any blind spots that might be created depending on the asymmetries of the product and the geometries of acquisition of its profile.

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    Laser fixed weight cutting control, Q-Tech, Italy
    Ex. Q-volume assisted vs Standard cut.
    Laser fixed weight cutting control, Q-Tech, Italy
    Ex. Volumetric density vs Rotating Angle.

    The Q-volume R system is able to determine the angular volumetric density of the measured product with configurable angular step, usually of one degree, and is able to transmit this information in real time to the external controllers of the cutting machine with simple interfacing protocols. The Q-volume R laser fixed weight cutting control system is also able to perform extensive processing specific for products having predetermined characteristics, such as cheeses with centre coring and/or peculiar shapes, for which the identification and creation of effective processing logics could entail significant development complexity. Installation of the R system for laser fixed weight cutting control generally requires only the preparation of specific anchorages for the sensors, to be positioned in proximity to the measurement area, and the installation of the control unit in the electric panel of the machine. Different versions of measurement sensors are available to adapt the system to many product geometries and installation requirements.