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Q-Tech is a pole of highly specialised companies that operate in synergy to design, produce and assemble optical quality control systems in the industry field. Thanks to the experience it has gained in the optical, optoelectronic, production of optomechanical components and assembly of complete products areas, Q-Tech today is a point of reference at the international level. It is able to supply advance, reliable and also customised solutions for production quality control directly in line. Utmost attention paid to Research and Development, knowledge of the market, specialised know-how and flexibility are the fundamental values of the Q-Tech Group. They have led to the definition of a wide range of optical control systems used in the industrial and food areas, including defect search solutions, dimensional control, volumetric control and straightness control. Simple use and quick installation, the possibility to communicate with most IT infrastructures and precise measurements are the key features of all Q-Tech solutions, which are developed and completed to offer the industry efficient control and also predictive maintenance tools for their systems.

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Optical control systems, Q-Tech, taly
Coordinated synergy
Experience and Specialisation

The Q-Tech Group is made up of several companies boasting proven experience that are highly specialised. The long-standing synergy between the different companies allows the entire production chain to be managed directly – from design and production up to assembly and testing – therefore guaranteeing ultimate control over the entire process and compliance with very high design and construction standards.

Optical control systems, Q-Tech, taly
Made to measure
Customisable Systems

Q-Tech optical control systems are versatile and totally customisable solutions. From the user interface and reporting functions to the measurement areas and measurement performance, all functions of the systems can be developed, integrated and sized to measure based on the specific requirements of each customer.

Optical control systems, Q-Tech, taly
Versatile proposals
Control for every requirement

Q-Tech offers a wide range of optical quality control and defect search systems to meet the many different needs of the modern industrial sector. From the production of semimachined metal and non-metal products to production of dairy products, the applications and fields of use of the Group’s systems are numerous. They are offered in different versions to best adapt to the simplest requirements as well as the most complex situations.

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    Guaranteed efficiency, reliability and precision.

    Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in optoelectronic design, more than 40 years of activity in the field of maximum precision machining and a company specialised in the assembly and testing of complete optoelectronic systems, the Q-Tech Group companies are synonymous with top quality, specialised expertise and innovation. With a team dedicated to software design, a staff of highly specialised engineers made up of mechanical engineers, optical and optoelectronic designers, and new generation production and assembly technologies and machinery (also developed in-house), choosing Q-Tech optical control systems means choosing top performing solutions always in step with the industry’s evolution.

    Highly specialised engineers.
    Years of experience.
    Countries served.
    sq.m available, occupied by offices, testing and production.



    From design and production to final testing and assembly of complete optical control systems, all the activities are directly managed by the Q-Tech team with the aim to supply the market reliable and safe solutions capable of meeting all control requirements in the industrial field.


    A modern facility for advanced optical control systems.

    The headquarters of the Q-Tech Group are located in Flero, in the Italian province of Brescia, and it is a modern facility sitting on a surface area of approximately 1800 sq.m, where more than 30 specialised employees work.

    In addition to the technical, administrative and software, optical and electronic design offices, about 1200 sq.m of the facility’s floor space is allocated to the production of the optical control systems and testing and assembly activities.